Two homes?
Don't wing it, get TaxBird.

Easily track your state residency for tax purposes.

Tired of tracking your days away?

With TaxBird, managing state residency requirements is easy.

State View Dashboard
  • Simply add each of your residences to get started
  • TaxBird runs in the background using your device’s location services
  • Real-time tracking shows how many days you’ve spent in each state and how many days you have left
  • You'll be automatically notified when you approach a state residency threshold

Comprehensive Residency Reporting

For subscribers, TaxBird provides detailed reports to prove state residency in case of an audit.

  • Full Report Summary shows total days in each location for the selected tax year
  • Full Report Detail shows exact travel dates and time spent in each location
  • State Report shows all days tracked and spent in the selected state
  • Out of State Report shows all days tracked and spent out of the selected state
Export report Report email

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