TaxBird FAQs

Have questions about TaxBird? We have answers. Have a question that’s not covered here? Please reach out to and we’ll be happy to help! 

How do I subscribe to TaxBird?

To subscribe to TaxBird, you can click the card that says Subscribe Now at the top of the Dashboard in the app. When you click that card, you will be brought to the subscription overview page where you’ll complete the subscription through your app store. Subscriptions are available for $4.99/month or $39.99/year. 

Please be aware that the subscription will begin as soon as you confirm your purchase, even if you have time left in your 30-day free trial. 

Does TaxBird support tracking international travel?

Yes! TaxBird tracks worldwide as long as you have service. We support country-level tracking anywhere in the world. In the United States, we also have the option to track your specific state or territory. In Canada, we have the option to track your province.

Can I add days that were not tracked through location services?

Yes, you can. Any day that was not captured by the app is labeled as a Missing Day. If you have any missing days, a card will be added to the top of the Dashboard to let you know. If you click on this card, you will see all of the dates that have not been automatically captured by the app. You can click on these ranges to input the state(s) that you were in on each date.

Do you offer a trial?

Each user is given a 30-day free trial period which starts when you register for TaxBird. After the 30 days, you can subscribe to the app to continue using all of the great features for tracking residency.

Where can I find the TaxBird app?

TaxBird is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. The device used to gather locations for your account must be a phone, but you can also view your data on a tablet.

How can I add or delete a residence on my TaxBird account?

You can edit the residences for your account by going to the Profile tab and clicking on My Locations. To add a residence, you can click on the Add New button at the top right. To delete a residence, you can click on the trash icon next to the residence name.

How does TaxBird keep track of my locations?

TaxBird utilizes location services on your phone to keep track of the number of days that you’ve spent in each state. After your initial setup, there is very little interaction with the app required to keep track of your days. The phone does all the work for you.

How do I give TaxBird permission to access my location?

If TaxBird does not have permission to access your location, we cannot automatically keep your account up to date. When this happens, you will see a card at the top of the Dashboard that says “Location tracking is disabled!” Click on that card and follow the instructions to enable location services.

How do I give TaxBird permission to send me notifications?

To turn on notifications for email and your phone, navigate to the Profile tab and click on the Notifications row. From here, you can slide the toggles to alter your notification settings. For phone notifications, you may be required to adjust your device settings as well.

Can I update my email address and/or phone number?

Yes, you can update your account information by going to the Profile tab and clicking on the edit button at the top right. Be sure to click the Save button after editing your details.

How do I change my password?

Navigate to the Profile tab of the app and click on the Change Password button. Input your current password and the new password you’d like to use and then click Save at the top right.

TaxBird is having issues gathering my location. Why is that?

If your locations are not being tracked, there are two things to check.

Location Permissions: Navigate to the Profile tab of the app, ensure that the Location Tracking status is Enabled. If it is not, click on that row and follow the directions.

Service: If you have poor service or no service, your device may have trouble determining your location and syncing it with us. In these circumstances, you can help TaxBird gather a location and sync by opening the app while connected to Wi-Fi.

*This also applies to Airplane Mode for the device.

On an iPhone?

A location is gathered when significant movement is detected by the device. On days where you’re not planning to be moving around, simply open the app and we’ll gather a location for you.

Can I change the order in which my states are displayed?

Yes, you can change the order. To do this, navigate to the Profile tab of the app and click on the “Order of states on dashboard” button. Press and hold on the left side of the state to drag and drop into a new order. When finished, click on the Save button at the top right.

I changed phones. How do I move my account to my new device?

To get TaxBird onto your new phone and to use that phone for tracking, you’ll need to first download TaxBird from your app store and login to your existing account. Once logged in, you’ll be able to see all of your data but you’ll still need to take one more step to set the new device as the “Active Device” to be used for location gathering. On the Dashboard screen, click on the card that says, “This is not your active device” and then click Activate. In addition to setting your new device, you’ll want to ensure that your location services have been enabled. You can check this by going to your Profile tab. When you activate a new device, your old device will automatically be deactivated and no longer be used to gather location.

Can I add my future plans to my account?

Yes, you can include your plans and see your projected counts for each state for the year. To add, edit, or delete plans, click on the “+” button from the Dashboard screen and choose the option to Add Planned Days. From here, you can click on a range of dates and input the exact date range and the state you plan to be in. You can also include a note about why you’re going to be in the state. Once planned days have been entered, you can click on the Planned toggle at the top of the Dashboard to see the number of planned days for each state and the total projected count for the year which includes historical data plus any planned days.

How does TaxBird count a day when I've been in multiple states?

We use the most conservative approach to counting the number of days that a state may consider you having been there. As such, any portion of a day that is spent in a state will be counted as one full day in that state. With this approach, the sum of your days across the states can, and likely will, be greater than the number of days that have passed so far this year.

Will TaxBird drain my battery?

We try to be very conscious of the impact that TaxBird will have on our user’s battery and data. We’ve used very efficient techniques for location gathering and data syncing. Under the typical circumstances of use, TaxBird’s impact on the battery is minimal (approximately 1%-2%).

What is the Timeline and how can I use it?

The Timeline tab of the app is used to show your full year in chronological order. This view will show you all historical days, both captured by location services and manually input, as well as any planned days that have been input. Additionally, you can see any open ranges where days have been missed or are still available to input plans. You can also click on any entry and add notes to your records.

How do I generate my account report?

From the Dashboard, you can click on the “+” button to access the quick action menu and click on the option under Reports that says, “Generate Yearly Report.” Confirm the email address that you’d like the report to be sent to (your account email will be prepopulated) and the year that you’d like reported. Click Request Report and the report will be generated and a link to download will be sent to the email address that was input.

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