Tax Day Is Approaching!

Procrastinators, rejoice! Tax Day, a date that many people know about, but only procrastinators truly worry about, was moved and we had months of extra time!  Now, I know most people are on top of their tax return filing and submit them well in advance of the deadline. Especially those who are owed a refund – cha-ching, am I right! Some people will put it off to the bitter end though. We just can’t help but procrastinate sometimes. Take this blog for example, I’ve been putting it off for days because I just could not get motivated to start until I was about to hit the deadline.

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Posted 7/1/2020

The New SECURE Act: Key Highlights for 2020


We go to work in pursuit of some goal: finish the project, launch the new product, close the big deal. And we’re all great workers, of course, so we’re motivated to achieve these goals. But, all of those goals really just benefit the company. Yes, there is satisfaction in completing what you’ve set out to do in your career but, let’s be honest, we’re really all working towards one personal goal – retirement!

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Posted 1/24/2020

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