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The U.S. Territories: A Crash Course for Tony

Puerto Rican Sunset

Tony is going on a little trip this month and boy oh boy is he excited! His sister, Toni (ya, I know), has been living down in Puerto Rico and Tony is finally going to see her new place. He told me all about his trip and how he’s preparing – bought a new bathing suit, found his sunglasses, ordered some sunscreen, pulled a few things from his summer clothes out of storage, and renewed his passport. This gave me pause. First of all, sunscreen and sunglasses can, and should, be used year-round – UV rays don’t go away in winter. Secondly, you don’t need a passport to go to Puerto Rico, Tony, it’s a U.S. Territory. Lastly, add your phone to your checklist so TaxBird logs the days out of New York – we don’t want another issue with statutory residency this year!

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