Save On Your Taxes Part 1: Above the Line Adjustments

Tax Saving Piggybank

Paying taxes is just a fact of life. Make some money, give a cut of that back. My good friend, Tony, just came back north for the season. He and I were catching up the other day and I was complaining about how much I owed in taxes when I filed. He told me a few things he does to lower his tax bill. They were, ummm, let’s say creative interpretations of what’s allowed. I would not call them strictly legal so I’m not going to pass them along. But the conversation did get me thinking. What can I do (legally) to lower my tax burden?

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Posted 5/16/2019

Establishing Texas Residency (And Helpful Links)

Photo by Enrique Macias on Unsplash

You know the old cliché, everything is bigger in Texas. And when you’re talking taxes, the savings are what’s bigger. That’s because Texas is one of seven states that does not impose a state income tax on its residents. Due to this, a lot of folks are buying a home in Texas and making it their domicile.

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Posted 4/25/2019

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