529 Plans for Education Expenses

Empty College Classroom

It’s a very weird time to be blogging. Everything I’d write about seems irrelevant but, at the same time, we have so much time to read, and we need some content. And, since schools are dealing with the craziness of closed classrooms, I figured I’d compound the oddities and discuss education savings. This works similar to a double negative, right? Irrelevant plus irrelevant equals relevant. After all, you want to make sure your kids (or grandkids) are financially set up to attend the best Zoom classes available. There are a few ways that you can choose to save for college, but I’m going to focus on one of the most common and one that is specifically used for education, the 529.

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Posted 5/7/2020

The New SECURE Act: Key Highlights for 2020


We go to work in pursuit of some goal: finish the project, launch the new product, close the big deal. And we’re all great workers, of course, so we’re motivated to achieve these goals. But, all of those goals really just benefit the company. Yes, there is satisfaction in completing what you’ve set out to do in your career but, let’s be honest, we’re really all working towards one personal goal – retirement!

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Posted 1/24/2020

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