Save On Your Taxes Part 2: Itemized Deductions and Tax Credits

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Welcome back to our two-part blog on how to save on your taxes. If you read part one, you know that Tony - my always entertaining and often in trouble friend - got me thinking about what I can do to save on my taxes this year. He had told me a few “tricks” he used to cut down his tax bill last year. Tricks that I’d be curious (and a bit afraid) to have legally reviewed. So, with legality in mind, I did some research to see what can be done to save on my taxes.

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Posted 6/20/2019

Save On Your Taxes Part 1: Above the Line Adjustments

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Paying taxes is just a fact of life. Make some money, give a cut of that back. My good friend, Tony, just came back north for the season. He and I were catching up the other day and I was complaining about how much I owed in taxes when I filed. He told me a few things he does to lower his tax bill. They were, ummm, let’s say creative interpretations of what’s allowed. I would not call them strictly legal so I’m not going to pass them along. But the conversation did get me thinking. What can I do (legally) to lower my tax burden?

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Posted 5/16/2019

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