The U.S. Territories: A Crash Course for Tony

Puerto Rican Sunset

Tony is going on a little trip this month and boy oh boy is he excited! His sister, Toni (ya, I know), has been living down in Puerto Rico and Tony is finally going to see her new place. He told me all about his trip and how he’s preparing – bought a new bathing suit, found his sunglasses, ordered some sunscreen, pulled a few things from his summer clothes out of storage, and renewed his passport. This gave me pause. First of all, sunscreen and sunglasses can, and should, be used year-round – UV rays don’t go away in winter. Secondly, you don’t need a passport to go to Puerto Rico, Tony, it’s a U.S. Territory. Lastly, add your phone to your checklist so TaxBird logs the days out of New York – we don’t want another issue with statutory residency this year!

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Posted 2/7/2019

'Tis The Season...For Resolutions

Sparkler Burst

Here it comes - a big wave of personal change! Time for everyone to start a New Year’s resolution and a journey towards bettering some aspect of their life. Okay, fine, not everyone, but most. Gyms will be crowded as people work towards new fitness goals, restaurants will be empty as their patrons make an effort to save more money, managers will be patient and helpful, workers will be more focused and driven (albeit not caused by their manager’s changes), and, as a whole, everyone may seem a little happier, nicer, and more productive.

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Posted 12/24/2018

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