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Tax Day Is Approaching!

Procrastinators, rejoice! Tax Day, a date that many people know about, but only procrastinators truly worry about, was moved and we had months of extra time!  Now, I know most people are on top of their tax return filing and submit them well in advance of the deadline. Especially those who are owed a refund – cha-ching, am I right! Some people will put it off to the bitter end though. We just can’t help but procrastinate sometimes. Take this blog for example, I’ve been putting it off for days because I just could not get motivated to start until I was about to hit the deadline.

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Posted 7/1/2020

Tax Time Fun Facts

Tax Return Picture

“Yay, it’s tax season!” – so says some crazy accountant somewhere. But I’m not an accountant and, to me, there are few things as frustrating as filing your taxes. First, I pull together 27 some odd documents named with just a number dash letter combination, all of which contain far too many boxes, asterisks, and subtext. Then, I fire up the old interweb browser, head to some online tax software, and try to follow the steps to file on my own. I have to at least attempt to save myself a few bucks by not hiring a professional. And so, the downward spiral of uncertainty and frustration begins…Is this number right? Is that how I should interpret that line item? Why can’t I deduct my home office? How many kids do I have again? Will I get a refund?  Will I owe?!? Am I going to get audited? Oh boy, how much would that cost me? It is amazing that something with such lengthy, cumbersome, and detailed instructions can still leave me with a very vague understanding of what to do. Grrrr. Ultimately, I throw in the towel and look for that accountant that said “Yay, it’s tax season!” and pay for the peace of mind.

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