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“Yay, it’s tax season!” – so says some crazy accountant somewhere. But I’m not an accountant and, to me, there are few things as frustrating as filing your taxes. First, I pull together 27 some odd documents named with just a number dash letter combination, all of which contain far too many boxes, asterisks, and subtext. Then, I fire up the old interweb browser, head to some online tax software, and try to follow the steps to file on my own. I have to at least attempt to save myself a few bucks by not hiring a professional. And so, the downward spiral of uncertainty and frustration begins…Is this number right? Is that how I should interpret that line item? Why can’t I deduct my home office? How many kids do I have again? Will I get a refund?  Will I owe?!? Am I going to get audited? Oh boy, how much would that cost me? It is amazing that something with such lengthy, cumbersome, and detailed instructions can still leave me with a very vague understanding of what to do. Grrrr. Ultimately, I throw in the towel and look for that accountant that said “Yay, it’s tax season!” and pay for the peace of mind.

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