The New SECURE Act: Key Highlights for 2020


We go to work in pursuit of some goal: finish the project, launch the new product, close the big deal. And we’re all great workers, of course, so we’re motivated to achieve these goals. But, all of those goals really just benefit the company. Yes, there is satisfaction in completing what you’ve set out to do in your career but, let’s be honest, we’re really all working towards one personal goal – retirement!

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Posted 1/24/2020

iPhone vs. Android: The Age-Old Battle

Apple vs. Android

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away the battle between iPhone and Android devices began. Seemingly at the beginning of time. In other words, 2008. Almost a dozen years ago! Like all great battles, people have chosen sides, they’ve stood their ground, they’ll fight to prove their phone is best. With the release of our Android version of TaxBird (cough, cough, tell your friends, cough), we thought it would be interesting to take a deeper look at iPhone and Android to see which reigns supreme.

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Posted 12/5/2019

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